Here are some resources that I and others have found amazingly helpful throughout my journey:

Courage for the Soul – patients in chemotherapy can request a free beautiful scarf. Patients not currently in chemo can purchase scarves. You can also donate scarves or request scarves as gifts for others. Maria Luisa (the founder) is one of my wonderful Breasties.

Redefined Courage – you can request a free post-op shirt that will hold your drains. The shirts are soft, stretchy, and so comfortable.

The Breasties – an organization connecting women who are survivors of breast cancer, metastatic breast cancer thrivers, and previvors who have tested positive for genetics related to breast cancer. They offer free retreats throughout the year. The Chicago Breasties is a branch of this group, and we interact on Facebook/Instagram, and have monthly events/meet-ups.

AnaOno – company offering undergarments/bras specifically for patients who have had breast cancer related surgeries, as well as soft garments for those undergoing radiation.

Recovery on Water – a rowing team for anyone with a breast cancer diagnosis. All ages and stages welcome, no experience needed whatsoever.

Headspace – an app for mindfulness and guided meditation. They have a pack specifically for coping with cancer.

Masthead Pink – can purchase pre-made bags with surgery recovery items, also have radiation kits and chemo kits.

Radiant Wrap – soft and beautiful gowns for use during radiation (and beyond).

Survivor Chest – special care packages designed by a woman who supported her mother through cancer.

True North Treks – wilderness treks for young adults with cancer and some treks offer spots for caregivers as well.

First Descent – outdoor adventures for young adults (age 18-39) impacted by cancer.